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  • Absinthe 2 TFA
    Absinthe 2 TFA

    Oil Soluble.

    Aanbevolen mengverhouding: 5-7%
    This is the same flavor as our Absinthe Flavor listed above, but it does not contain alcohol and is safe to ship overseas. The alcohol makes the flavor more water soluble, so please be…

    € 3,95
  • Acetyl pyrazine TFA
    Acetyl pyrazine TFA

    Acetyl Pyrazine Acetyl pirazine geeft liquids een geroosterde smaak.

    Roasted, nutty, bready and yeasty, with popcorn and corn chip nuances
    good for graham gracker flavors (enhancer)Inhoud 15ml

    € 3,95
  • Apple pie TFA
    Apple pie TFA

    A rich, all around great apple pie flavor.

    Ingredients: Natural and Artificial Flavors, Propylene Glycol, Triacetin

    Aanbevolen mengverhouding: 15%

    Inhoud 15ml

    € 3,95
  • Apple TFA
    Apple TFA

    Apple FlavorWater soluble.
    Fresh and crisp apple - more sweet than tart.Ingredients:Artificial Flavor, Propylene Glycol, Water, Polysorbate 20.

    Inhoud 15ml

    € 3,95
  • Banana cream TFA
    Banana cream TFA

    Banana Cream FlavorWater Soluble.

    A smooth flavor with a fresh, natural banana taste.

    *** Note: This flavor contains 'custard' ingredients: Acetoin.

    The following link explains the frequent questions & concerns involving…

    € 3,95
  • Banana nut bread TFA
    Banana nut bread TFA

    A delicious banana nut flavor.

    Ingredients: Natural and Artificial Flavor, Propylene GlycolAanbevolen mengverhouding: 12%

    Inhoud 15ml

    € 3,95
  • Banana's foster TFA
    Banana's foster TFA

    Bananas Foster Flavorwater soluble

    banana ice cream with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg with notes of caramel and brown sugar.

    * this flavor contains a very small trace amount (.079%) custard note (Acetoin)

    Ingredients: Natural…

    € 3,95
  • Bavarian cream TFA
    Bavarian cream TFA

    Water Soluble

    A warm, creamy, vanilla flavor. Try blending with coffee, fruit, or nut flavors!

    Ingredients:Natural & Artificial Flavor, Propylene Glycol, Water

    Aanbevolen mengverhouding: 5-15%

    Inhoud 15ml

    € 3,95
  • Berry cereal TFA
    Berry cereal TFA

    Berry crunch (nieuwe naam = Berry cereal)

    Water Soluble.

    Stays crunchy, even in milk! A delicious sugary crunch cereal flavor.

    Ingredients: Artificial flavor, Propylene Glycol.

    Aanbevolen mengverhouding: 12-15%

    Inhoud 15ml

    € 3,95
  • Black cherry TFA
    Black cherry TFA

    A very realistic, fresh cherry flavor, true to the actual berry rather than a candylike or maraschino flavor.

    Ingredients:Natural & Artificial Flavor, Propylene Glycol, Water

    Aanbevolen mengverhouding: 15%

    Dit aroma is…

    € 3,95
  • Black currant TFA
    Black currant TFA

    Black Currant Flavor has a Grape-like character, but with a dry, dark, and mature edge.


    Ingredients: Artificial Flavors, Propylene Glycol, Triacetin, Ethyl Alcohol

    Aanbevolen mengverhouding: 15%

    Inhoud 15ml

    € 3,95
  • Black tea TFA
    Black tea TFA

    This is a strong plain black tea.

    The aroma is strong, so please don't evaluate this one just by sniffing.

    Ingredients: Natural & Artificial Flavors, Ethyl Alcohol

    Aanbevolen mengverhouding: 5-12%

    Inhoud 15ml

    € 3,95
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